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Our company prides itself as one of the top few major companies that offers candidates and/or clients our honest expertise and appraisal. With our vast experience and decades of valuable expertise, we are able to offer candidates our honest opinion to help and assist them in selecting their career path in this field. This allows us to provide the right candidate for the job to our clients.

Our core business value is to commit and complement our client's companies in selecting the right candidates and personality even to the most stringent and specific job requirements. Our credentials in placement are supported by testimonials and our proven track record. (See Testimonial of Clients and Candidates)Our job matching service is free to all candidates (terms and conditions apply) with our vast networking in the above industries. We offer our potential candidates a chance to maritime careers with our expertise and connect them to the various jobs and career in Singapore. Why not let us assist you to search for a career and increase your chances of employment in the robust economy of Singapore. Candidates will be able to increase their chances of employment through us as some of our prestigious clients have exclusive contracts with us.

Our vast experience and high networking level in Singapore industries, allow us to assist our candidates in searching and matching the right career. Similarly for our clients, we are capable in providing the right candidates that are well suited to the job requirements in Singapore.Candidates in our database enjoy priorities in the process of shortlisting for the available jobs as we will conduct an internal search before proceeding to other methods of recruitment. We welcome all especially those with Marine, Shipping and engineering background to write in, including fresh graduate/NS/DMTM/COC holders/technical/non experience staffs for future job placement/reference.

We understand that some candidates are reluctant to be identified and have their CV or resume floating in the job market (caution on some agencies and portals). If you want a highly confidential discussion, please do give a call and make an appointment with us. We are well known to be highly confidential in our dealings and will not release your resume without your consent.

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