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Singapore economy is moving at a fast pace and with rising business cost such as rental and employment costs; it is more efficient and cost effective for companies to outsource their recruitment activities that are costly and time consuming. We are here to assist you!! We pride ourselves for providing the best services to match the best candidate for the jobs.


Why should companies use Royal Ocean Marine Enterprise as a prefer recruitment agencies?


1. Reduce the cost in operating your own recruitment activities.


2. Reduce the time in advertising, selecting, and recruiting a qualified candidate.


3. Your HR team can concentrate more on the training and other daily HR activities.


4. List of quality candidates are getting lesser and lesser. We only recommends the best and we filter out those who are not

    serious in their careers as we do quality reference check. We have a reputation of being honest and our credential is back up        with testimonials.


5. Internet has made it easier for employees to jump from one company to another.


Why does Royal Ocean Marine Enterprise stand out from other recruitment agency?


1. Our chargeable fees are at a very competitive rate.

2. The selection and recruitment processes are done as fast and as effective as possible.

3. We have benefited from our broad range of contacts and network, which is why we have a broad range of candidates in our        database.

4. We will only select and shortlist the best candidate for you. We will try our best to make sure that the cooperation between          the employer and employee is on long-term basis.


Our core business value is to assist and complement your company in selecting the right candidates and then matches their qualifications and personalities to the specific job requirements in your company. As mentioned above, we assist to reduce the time and cost in getting the right candidates for you. We welcome all company to work with us and enjoy a great benefit from using our services.

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